Collect TIL snippets

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Inspired by this post

I've tried keeping them before, but I stop after some time. I think the structure I tried before didn't work.

  • One .md file per subject
  • One file organised chronologically

Both got too long and not searchable. The new approach is organised by folder, with each file being short.

I don't think I've ever agreed so hard with something.

TIL stands for Today I Learned. The thing I like most about TILs is that they drop the barrier to publishing something online to almost nothing.

If I’m writing a blog entry, I feel like it needs to say something new. This pressure for originality leads to vast numbers of incomplete, draft posts and a sporadic publishing schedule that trends towards not publishing anything at all.

The bar for a TIL is literally “did I just learn something?”—they effectively act as a public notebook.

They also reflect my values as a software engineer. The thing I love most about this career is that the opportunities to learn new things never reduce—there will always be new sub-disciplines to explore, and I aspire to learn something new every single working day.

My hope is that by publishing a constant stream of TILs I can reinforce the idea that even if you’ve been working in this industry for twenty years there will always be new things to learn, and learning any new trick—even the most basic thing—should be celebrated.